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EmBELLEm EmBELLEm 5 July 2019

RTX gen:LOCK DC comics press release

...Writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and Artist Carlo Barbieri to Bring gen:LOCK Comic to Life...

...The RWBY comics are set to launch digitally in late August, while the gen:LOCK comics will launch in September. The two series will alternate weekly, with two new digital chapters released every month that will later be collected as monthly print issues. DC Publisher and renowned comic artist Jim Lee will also create a special variant cover for both RWBY and gen:LOCK #1 print issues. Fans at RTX are encouraged to attend panel about the new comics on Sunday, July 7 from 12-1pm.

“We’re thrilled to be able to announce the talented artists and writers who are bringing the RWBY and gen:LOCK comic books to life,” said Matt Hullum, Rooster Te…

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EmBELLEm EmBELLEm 18 June 2019

gen:LOCK Merch and Emblems?

With gen:LOCK having merch, any thoughts on a merch page? Yes? Not needed? Not right now? Shrug.

Also I found these things on the merch page and was wondering what they actually are. Are they just merch? Are they in the show?

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EmBELLEm EmBELLEm 17 June 2019

Gen:LOCK interviews with creators

  • EXCLUSIVE Interview With GEN:LOCK Creator And Rooster Teeth Head Of Animation Gray G Haddock
  • With ‘Gen: Lock,’ Michael B. Jordan & Gray G. Haddock Look To Give Rooster Teeth “Its Best Shot At An Instant, New, Successful Franchise”
  • Rooster Teeth & Gray G. Haddock Aim for the Emmy Awards with ‘gen:LOCK’ Submission

There might be some interesting things about the shaw that could be added to the wiki, or just an interesting read.

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愛 日音 愛 日音 10 April 2019

An Update

Hey, just wanted to explain why I haven't been very active at all recently. It's nothing serious, I'm just involved with a pretty big project that's taking up a lot of my time. Sorry for not having made this clear sooner, but by next week it will all be over and I'll have more time to devote to the wiki. 


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RaijinRising RaijinRising 23 February 2019

Wiki Galleries

I believe I can make wiki galleries from now on.

I did it for today's episode, "The Only Me I Know". I won't be able to do it for others until mid-March when I'm not as busy, but on the bright side, I'll be able to do it for the whole season at that point.

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DSandstorm DSandstorm 15 February 2019

Quotes Around Episode Titles in Infobox

In infoboxes, I think having quotes around titles is unnecessary in this context because its obviously a title, in addition quotes around a link looks weird. Anyone else have thoughts about quotes in infoboxes?

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愛 日音 愛 日音 6 February 2019

The New Staff

For the past week or so, myself and other active users have talked about who would be willing to assume staff roles with most current ones inactive, and form a new team now that the show is getting underway. Now, allow me to introduce gen:LOCK wikia's new staff!


  • 愛 日音/Ai Kurai
  • DarkStalker719


  • Mechemik
  • RaijinRising


  • DSandstorm

I've also made a separate discussion thread if people prefer that format.

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DSandstorm DSandstorm 3 February 2019

Infobox Consistency / Cataloging

Here's the list of infobox templates we have. As you can see, the naming convention is haphazard. I have no preference between having the type of infobox first, or having the word infobox first. I think having infobox first is more intuitive. Either way, having a dash is ugly.

The crew and cast are redundant templates, I prefer the crew since it contains more information.

Now there's two Episode infobox templates, the "Episode-infobox" is the one being used. So that should be renamed.

Lastly, I think having a noinclude on the page and transcluding from a doc page is the standard way of doing things. But a doc page doesn't need to exist. Its just weird having an incomplete and then example infobox on the template page.

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愛 日音 愛 日音 26 January 2019


Can anyone in the US get the thumbnails for the first two episodes of gen:LOCK?

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Steven watcher Steven watcher 11 October 2017

Testing recent blogs function

Enough said

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