Colonel: Doctor, it galls me to say this, but I'm impressed. Your recruit Madrani exceeds my expectations.

Doctor: Yes, she and Chase work together rather well. They've been good for one another given each of their recent histories. Your new armor sets, however...

Colonel: What's the problem?

Doctor: They are rather... utilitarian.

Colonel: The engineers I provided were from the very same team that designed our Striders.

Doctor: Yes, I can tell.

Colonel: I'm going to protect my investment. Move on, Doctor.

Doctor: Fine, fine, fine. Speaking of not wanting to ignore terrific potential, I have our next two candidates identified. Uh, we have here an industrious young tech wiz and a highly spirited former tank driver.

Colonel: A hacker and a cook?

Doctor: Eh, semantics. My contacts at Cyberops say that Miss MacCloud is one of the most creative coders they've ever met. Mm? That sort of mental flexibility will come in handy with us. As for Iida-san, his unit is very supportive to transfer him.

Colonel: That's because he was busted down to KP for insubordination. They're probably happy to be rid of him!

Doctor: Now now, beggars, choosers. May I request their transfer?

Colonel: No! We can do better than this!

Doctor: Each of these recruits is one in a million!

Colonel: If you could improve gen:LOCK compatibility we wouldn't have to rely on such sorry candidates. Keep looking.

The call terminates.

Doctor: Someone woke up on the wrong side of the war this morning.

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