The Experimental Science Unit (ESU) is the research organization supporting the gen:LOCK unit, which was run by Rufus Weller up until his death at the Battle of The Anvil.

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The ESU supports the furthering and development of the gen:LOCK program. gen:LOCK, at its present state, is a product of continuing research and development by Doctor Weller and his team, and was rushed into service by the Vanguard in hopes of turning the tide of the Polity's war against the Union.

Because of gen:LOCK's rushed nature, the technology is very complex and dangerous. Only those with very distinct nervous systems are compatible with it, and those who lack the necessary compatibility are killed from the strain.

After saving a critically wounded Julian Chase during the Battle of New York City, the ESU successfully tested gen:LOCK on him. They later began combing the rest of the Polity for individuals with similar nervous systems. Counting Chase, six such individuals were located and brought together to form the first gen:LOCK team, designated gen:LOCK One. However, one of the recruits was kidnapped by the Union and was replaced by an incompatible spy, leaving the number of initial recruits within the ESU at just five.

The ESU gains further support and interacts with other divisions of the Polity, namely the Vanguard and the RTASA. The former provides military and tactical support, and the latter is heavily involved in the scientific advancement of the gen:LOCK technology.

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