Doctor Fatima Jha is a character in gen:LOCK voiced by Anisha Nagarajan. She is described as a lead scientist with a surprising connection to the gen:LOCK project.[1] Fatima is the lead scientist in RTASA and worked with her ex-husband Rufus Weller and Marc Holcroft in developing gen:LOCK.


Doctor Jha is an aged woman of Indian descent. She has dark-skin tone, brown hair with a streak of gray and tied back into a high and tight bun, and dark eyes. She wears an RTASA lab coat over a shin-length black dress with a yellow band across the chest, two smaller yellow markings on the right of the abdomen, and a polo neck. She wears a pair of black heels and has a gold ring piercing in her left nostril.


Doctor Jha is an amiable and collected woman. Like her ex-husband, Rufus Weller, Jha is invested in the development of gen:LOCK. But developing it had strained their relationship, alongside the outbreak of the war with the Union. Due to the latter, Jha had believed that the original plan to share gen:LOCK with the world had fallen through, and, like Weller, was saddened that gen:LOCK needed to be weaponized for the sake of winning the war.



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