The Force Recon is a special operations force in the Vanguard.


Little is known about the Force Recon, but they appear to serve purposes similar to the real-life Force Reconnaissance, one of a number of special operations capable forces under the United States Marines. The Force appear to serve as scouts, provide rescue services to civilians and dispatch behind enemy lines.

The soldiers in the Force Recon are called rangers and don armor similar to foot soldiers, but with several design and equipment-based differences. More notable differences include a more advanced helmet with a collapsible visor that has built in tactical binoculars, a respirator, a backpack, fewer pouches and a harness worn over the armor. When signaling transports, they use grenades that emit green smoke.

Rob Sinclair was a ranger decorated for valor prior to being selected for the gen:LOCK program, and Valentina Romanyszyn served in the Force Recon in Eastern Europe before retiring.

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