gen:LOCK Suits are the armored suits that the gen:LOCK team wears that are integral to achieving gen:LOCK.

Description Edit

The suits were originally designed by the Experimental Science Unit for the Vanguard before being utilized for the gen:LOCK program. The suits increase their wearer's physical power and serve as near-bulletproof armor, reading the wearer's nervous system's intent and providing enhanced strength and speed. They also appear to have environmental sub-systems built in, helping to keep the wearer warm or cool depending on conditions.

The suits are form-fitting and share the same general design for each member of the gen:LOCK team. Each team member's suit has a unique primary color and has gray and black as accents. When the suits provide physical enhancements or facilitate gen:LOCK connection the ESU's symbol on the center of the chest becomes lit, and other lights accent the rest of the body.

While the gen:LOCK team has personalized the suits with their own clothing, they must remove the external clothes and wear only the suit while undergoing gen:LOCK.

In the Mindscape, the body suits are white where the suits otherwise have black detail. The body suits for the Union on the other hand, as seen in the Mindscape, are completely black with accents of either red or yellow on it, and bear the Union insignia on the chest.

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