A fool I may be, Washout Iida. But you're walking away with one winning card... while I leave with the entire deck.
- Genji Anno, gen:LOCK #4

General Genji Anno is a character that appears in Gen:LOCK #2. He is an ambitious and prideful yet determined member of the Japanese Polity, who hopes to find his own way outside of gen:LOCK when fighting the Union, but was unsuccessful to do so when the war came to his home turf.

In the Comics Edit

In the last two chapters of gen:LOCK, both Anno and Commander Carlyle of the Union forces sent to Osaka were both addressed by Yasamin Madrani to work together in taking down the Shogunate and finishing off Sycorax for good while the gen:LOCK team clears the latter.

After the Shogunate was destroyed and Sycorax finally eliminated, he meets the team and thanks them, especially a seemingly smiling Kazu Iida, for their heroic efforts.

Appearance Edit

Anno wears a blue military uniform with a thin red sash and blue sunglasses.

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