The Hammer System is a massive intracontinental artillery emplacement. It is part of the Anvil's main tower.


The Hammer System fires lightning-like blasts with a high penetration effect on the target. It is capable of both direct and indirect fire.

The Hammer System is located on two pods on the side of the main control tower of the Anvil. When it was prepared to fire, the weapon was released from its pods and the twin cannons were trained toward the target. The weapon released a lightning-like discharge, which gradually releases its energy while travelling through the target, corresponding to a charged particle beam effect, though this may be ablation from an extremely high-energy projectile. Its appearance as two slightly separated rods is consistent with the function of an electromagnetic railgun. It is powerful enough to punch a hole through the armored chassis of a Behemoth.

Chicago Hammer

The Hammer System striking a Behemoth on Lake Michigan

The main drawback of this weapon is the slow warm-up time. The Anvil's Hammer System took approximately ten minutes to qualified for stage three test fire. The Hammer System takes approximately fifteen minutes to qualify for intercontinental test fire.

The Hammer System must be placed on a strategic high-altitude position to allow for unimpeded direct fire, and that is possibly also a requirement for intracontinental range. It seems probable that it is somehow capable of indirect fire, as the strike on a Behemoth in Chicago showed the shot coming in at a low oblique angle, which would not be the case for a satellite firing.

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