Heng Li "Henry" Wu is a character in gen:LOCK. He is among a group of Polity scientists captured by the Union after an incident in Canaveral. He is voiced by SungWon Cho.


Henry is a man of Asian heritage. He has black hair, dark eyes and pale skin. As a prisoner of the Union, he is seen wearing an orange jumpsuit. When he resumes his work for RTASA, he is seen wearing an RTASA lab coat over a royal blue shirt with a hexagonal pattern, gray pants, black shoes and a black belt with a gray buckle.


Henry has a pleasant demeanor and seems overall optimistic. Despite being held captive by the Union, he is able to joke about his circumstances. He is happy to see the Holon pilots when they arrive at RTASA and excitedly shows them the facility.


  • Henry's nickname is extremely similar to "Henry Wu", a scientist and an antagonist in the Jurassic Park franchise.
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