Hornbills are military-grade heavy transport aircraft in gen:LOCK used by the Vanguard.

Design Edit

Hornbills are large VTOL aircraft, each capable of accommodating a full squadron Striders or a number of Holons. They come equipped with ventral cargo doors and five hoist cables to effect combat drops and combat extractions without needing to land. Both Striders and Holons can make use of this system, although for the latter the cargo bay is cramped due to their taller stature, forcing them into a crouched position during transport.

Hornbills have a total of ten jet engines, consisting of a grouping of a large engine and two smaller engines at each wings and a grouping of large engine and small engine at each side in the back. The engine groupings can rotate 90 degrees to allow hovering or vertical landing and take off.

Hornbills possess durable armor capable of withstanding fire from Spider Tanks and Union Fighters. They are armed with missile pods under their wings and a chin mounted turret.

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