Interceptors are variable geometry fighter aircraft in gen:LOCK used by the Vanguard.


Interceptors are based on a swept wing design with a variable forward sweep of the wings. When locked fully forward the main wings set into a delta wing configuration used for high-speed flight. Interceptors are capable of VTOL and "viffing," or "Vectoring in Forward Flight." This makes complex maneuvers such as dogfighting between buildings possible.

Interceptors are powered by a pair of jet engines and four large lifting fans, two on the main wings and two on the forward winglets, which produce enough thrust for aircraft to hover vertically. Presumably, they are capable of hypersonic, or at least high supersonic flight speed at high altitude.

Weapon SystemsEdit

  • Autocannons - located on the forward part of the Interceptor. They are primarily used for air-to-air combat, but they can also be used to strafe land targets and have a targeting system capable enough to engage subsonic missiles.
  • Air-to-air missiles - located on forward winglet tips.
  • Air-to-ground missiles - located in ventral weapon bays.
  • An ESD - located in the ventral weapon bay. This weapon requires a significant time to be charged, and must be lowered into slipstream during the charging process (presumably for safety reasons). The release of the ESD weapon, at least in populated areas, must be authorized by higher-ranking officers.
  • Bombs - stowed in ventral weapon bays, for use against ground targets.
  • Defensive countermeasures - positioned at the aircraft's rear to stop pursuing missiles.


  • Despite being called "interceptors", the aircraft act more as multi-role fighters, being actively involved in direct ground troop support and bombing run against enemy facilities.
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