I don't get it. Just give us the new mechs. We'll show 'em how to fight.

Jodie Brennan is a character in Rooster Teeth's gen:LOCK. He is a member of the Vanguard and is voiced by Chad James.


Jodie is a man of above average height with blue eyes who sports spiky black hair, a wiry mustache and a small goatee and soul patch.


Straightforward, playful, competitive and somewhat immature, Jodie is a spirited man who enjoys keeping score in a fight, regardless of how serious things get. However, he lacks awareness of the intricacies of gen:LOCK, as he believes that the Holons should have been put in the hands of seasoned pilots such as himself or Leon August, despite the dangers posed to those who are not compatible with the program. He also has a tendency for inappropriate behavior towards his colleagues, viewing a potential break-up between Julian Chase and Miranda Worth as an opportunity to pursue the latter.


  • In the United States military, the term "Jody" refers to the man with whom a serviceman's wife/girlfriend cheats with while the serviceman is deployed.
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