Please, relax. Rufus passed on your names as you were identified, and I'm always sure to research my investments.
- Holcroft, "It Never Rains..."

Marc Holcroft is a character in gen:LOCK voiced by Matt Hullum. He is described as a secretive, powerful figure with a pivotal role in gen:LOCK's past and future.[1]

Holcroft is the principal investor for the Experimental Science Unit, RTASA and the gen:LOCK program. He held the authority to relocate Rufus Weller for his research and considers it important to protect his investments.


Holcroft is a Caucasian man of middling age with a gray undercut beneath neatly styled brown hair. He dresses in business casual, and possesses a square jaw and light blue eyes. His height in his Mixed Reality overlay is roughly six feet, comparable to Julian Chase or Kazu Iida.


Holcroft is a very clinical individual, describing the lost Holon as his technology, remaining objective in terms of what it is. However, he is not entirely insensitive, understanding Chase's feelings and concerns about Nemesis given his true nature.

He apparently thinks little of the Union's technological developments, considering their theft of the original Chase to be a sign of their scientific ineptitude.

He is also very thorough of his partners, keeping in-depth files on all members of the gen:LOCK team, including personal information, family histories and service records, something he has made very clear, potentially as a means of subtly showing his power. The construction of an interstellar ship to establish a colony in outer space is one of the projects Holcroft finances, which suggests that he is willing to make contingencies for the worst case scenarios.


  • Holcroft was first mentioned in "Second Birthday", where Colonel Raquel Marin tells Doctor Weller: "Wherever Holcroft was sending you next, it's time to go. Union knows you're here."
  • Because Holcroft is a "CEO character", Matt considers him the perfect character to voice as the CEO of Rooster Teeth.[2]
  • The family name Holcroft is originally of Anglo-Saxon origin.
    • It is derived from the area of the same name that was originally part of Lancashire, England (in the present day it is part of Culcheth and Glazebury Civil Parish, in Cheshire).
    • Further etymology of the name is unclear, apart from the fact it dates back to Roman times.


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