The PolityEdit


Holcroft is the primary investor for the RTASA and, as such, is in the know about many of its projects.

Fatima JhaEdit


Holcroft and Fatima have a close professional relationship, both having worked with Rufus Weller on the gen:LOCK project. The two stopped working together after the start of the war, but would later work together again four years later, taking Weller's place leading the gen:LOCK recruits.

Experimental Science UnitEdit

Rufus WellerEdit

Holcroft and Weller are implied to have a close relationship, both having worked together on gen:LOCK with Jha. The two were close enough that Holcroft considered him a friend, calling him by his first name, and admitted regret that Weller would not live to see his work come to fruition, though he did not seem nearly as affected by his death as Jha.

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