I ever let you down? Hey don't uh. Yeah, don't answer that.
- Miguel, "The Pilot"

Miguel “Migas” Garza is a character in Rooster Teeth's gen:LOCK. He is a Vanguard engineer from southern Texas, and is voiced by Miles Luna.

Unlike most of his friends in the Vanguard, Migas does not normally engage in combat, since he is the chief engineer responsible for maintaining the Holons used by the gen:LOCK program (originally he was a Strider maintenance crew chief).

After the Polity successfully resists Union insurgency in Chicago, Migas works directly with the gen:LOCK team as they station in RTASA. He acts as what he calls an "engineering liaison", keeping a strong connection between the gen:LOCK team and the Anvil.


Migas is a Hispanic man with dark skin, brown eyes, black hair, and a black mustache. He wears a white t-shirt underneath a teal and pale yellow zip-up short-sleeved jacket, big black and yellow gloves, gray trousers and a bulky tool-belt with a pocket full of tools. He also has a gray cap, black goggles on his head, yellow headphones around his neck and a large tattoo of a skull on his right forearm.


Migas is a friendly, laidback, casual, and somewhat goofy type who enjoys drinking and gaming, as well as getting his hands dirty.

He is shown to not be very resentful or to hold grudges, and one of his first thoughts upon finding out that Julian Chase is still alive and that he could "finally have a beer with that dead bastard".


  • When auditioning for the role of Migas, Miles Luna used a number of different accents. One of them was a traditional Mexican-American accent. The final decision was a Hispanic Texan accent with Louisianian tones inspired by his family.[1]


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