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Valentina and Kazu, achieving gen:LOCK phase two in Kazu's mindscape

The Mindscape is the representation of one's mind in gen:LOCK.


The Mindscape is represented as an infinite, navy blue space in one's mind, in which a person's body looks as the person sees themselves at that moment. Most noticeably, Valentina Romanyszyn's mind is represented with Val's male appearance. In addition, the body suits the gen:LOCK pilots wear are represented with white in place of the suits' black material.


  • Cameron MacCloud accesses her memories and decides against deleting the one of Nemesis' attack from "Training Daze" in "The Best Defense". She then uses the self-modification code to increase her combat efficiency via confidence and aggression.
  • Cammie and Valentina achieve phase two while fighting Nemesis during the attack on the Union in "The Best Defense".
  • Valentina and Kazu Iida achieve phase two during the invasion of the Anvil to coordinate attacking the Union in "The Only Me I Know".
  • Yasamin Madrani offers to mind-share with Julian Chase in "The Only Me I Know", but Chase refuses due to his reluctance and insecurity.
  • Valentina and Yasamin both mind-share in "Identity Crisis" as they fight Nemesis.
  • All five members of the gen:LOCK team mind-share to gain a strong advantage against Nemesis despite Chase's initial reluctance.