Screw it. You only live once.
- Miranda, "The Pilot"

Miranda Worth is a character in Rooster Teeth's gen:LOCK. She is a member of the Vanguard and is Julian Chase's love interest. She is voiced by Dakota Fanning.

Appearance Edit

Miranda is an adult woman with dark eyes, neck-length brown hair and a heart-shaped face with a narrow chin. She is of athletic build, often seen wearing her Vanguard uniform. In the four years following the Battle of New York, she acquired a jagged scar that runs from the underside of her jaw on the right side of her face down to her neck.

Personality Edit

Prior to the Union invasion of New York, Miranda was a cheerful, witty, and passionate woman. However, the years of war have weighed heavily on her, making her far more guarded, cynical, and bitter. This bitterness is best seen in her dynamics regarding the return and seeming resurrection of Julian Chase, her boyfriend.

Aside from Chase himself, Miranda is the most disturbed by the existence of Nemesis, causing her to doubt the very validity of Chase's continued survival.


  • Miranda's callsign, Tempest, is likely a reference to William Shakespeare's play The Tempest, whose only female character to appear is called Miranda.


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