Mixed Reality, often abbreviated to MR, is a technology in gen:LOCK. It functions as a form of augmented reality, capable of displaying digital phenomena in the user's real world field of vision or overlaying it completely. Most users appear to wear it as contact lenses or a visor headset, although Rufus Weller has his built into his glasses.

Mixed Reality projections are slightly transparent.

Notable UsesEdit

  • Allowing users to project their presence to and interact with a remote location. Julian Chase and Miranda Worth use this in "The Pilot" to visit Chase's mother, Roberta Chase, and sister, Driana Chase. Julian also uses this function to interact with people outside the lab. This is referred to as "mixing in." Holons also provide this functionality.
  • Projecting a user interface for general computer use. Miranda uses this feature to receive the message instructing her to meet Doctor Weller and Yasamin Madrani. Doctor Weller also uses it to transfer the manuals for the Holons to Miguel Garza.
  • Real-time translation. Kazu Iida speaks only in Japanese, but it is shown that Valentina Romanyszyn has translations both displayed in her field of vision and mentally read aloud in English.
  • Virtual reality games. Drianna is shown to be playing one in "The Pilot".
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