President Patricia Bartlet-Young is a character in gen:LOCK and the President of the Polity. She is voiced by Lara Toner Haddock.

She gives a political speech in front of a large summit in New York City just as the Union unleashes giant clouds of Nanotech upon both the gathering and the city at large. Her current status is unknown.


Patricia is an older Caucasian woman with short gray hair, blue eyes and hollow cheeks. She wears a blue top with an upper layer that is draped across her shoulders and also acts as a collar. It has a gold attachment baring the Polity's emblem on the right.


From what little is shown of her, Patricia seems to be a stern politician who takes the Union threat seriously, vowing to drive them back from their current path, but she seeks to do so diplomatically. However, she is caught off-guard by the sudden attack, clearly not expecting them to make such a bold move.

Trivia Edit

  • Her surname is a reference to the popular TV series The West Wing, taking the names of President Jed Bartlet and Charlie Young. Her first name, Patricia, is shared with the middle name of the character Zoey Bartlet, who dated Charlie Young throughout the series – this is likely an intentional reference.
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