Listen up. This is it. The Union's making their play. This is not a skirmish, this is not airspace confusion, this is not a terrorist action. This is how the war begins.
- Raquel, "The Pilot"

Colonel Raquel Marin is a character in gen:LOCK. She is the commander of the Vanguard base the Anvil and is involved in the recruitment of pilots for the gen:LOCK program. She is Puerto Rican and is voiced by Monica Rial.


Marin is an older woman of average height with graying hair tied into a bun, dark eyes and tanned skin. She wears a standard Vanguard uniform consisting of black shoes, dark trousers and a matching jacket over a black undershirt. On her shoulders are epaulettes, the left baring the emblem of the Vanguard and the right that of the Polity.


Colonel Marin is shown to be emotionally invested in her side of the war. When Julian Chase goes out on his first city mission in the Character Reveal Teaser #1, she is concerned about protecting both him and the secret of who he is.

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