The Colonel raises concerns about Doc’s residency. Chase feels the impact of absence. The new recruits are introduced to the potential of using gen:LOCK mecha for combat.

Second Birthday is the third episode of gen:LOCK. It premiered on February 2nd, 2019 for Rooster Teeth FIRST members.


After the Union Spy's death, Raquel Marin calls Rufus Weller in to see her. She tells him that the gen:LOCK program will be moved soon, stating that the Union knew where they were, and they cannot risk another attack on the program. Weller states that the Union would not be hunting them if gen:LOCK program had not been militarized. Marin begrudgingly gives the team six months to turn the tide of the war, as by that time, according to their predictions, the Polity would be pushed out of North America.

The spy’s death has disturbed Cameron MacCloud, Valentina Romanyszyn and Kazu Iida, and the three express doubts about undergoing gen:LOCK. They also doubt the wisdom of putting their trust into Weller. However, Weller convinces them to give it one attempt. If they did not like it, he would find a way to let them leave the Anvil and the program. Julian Chase and Yasamin Madrani proceed to upload into their Holons.

While Chase waits for the others, he plays some basketball, while Miguel watches. As he continues to play, he notices Jodie Brennan and Miranda Worth talking about telling him about their relationship.

Cammie, Valentina and Kazu successfully upload into their Holons. Cammie has some difficulty getting used to her Holon, and the three begin to grow accustomed to their new bodies. Weller wishes the program a happy second birthday and tells the group to play. Kazu and Chase play some baseball, while Cammie and Valentina play tag. A short time later, Miranda, Jodie and Leon August arrive up in their Striders. Weller tells the group that the Strider pilots would be helping with training. Cammie, Valentina and Kazu’s task was to touch the flagpole without being shot by the Striders. The three made several attempts, but were unable to succeed. Chase then asks to try, and easily succeeds, moving with far greater speed and agility than the others.

Towards the end of their training, a transport arrives, and the group watches injured soldiers disembarking, and begin to feel the weight of their duty. Later, Marin notes to Weller that he did not bring up the six month clock, but that he had the group train where the transports would be landing.


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