Soldiers comprise the backbone of any army, engaging in military combat on foot.

Description Edit

Throughout history, soldiers, or infantry, comprise the largest branch of any armed force. They move between combat zones on foot, but also lean on the aid of military vehicles for transport. Soldiers also typically take the largest brunt in warfare, measured casualties, deprivation or physical and psychological stress.

On both sides of the Global Culture War, soldiers serving under the Vanguard and the Union are covered head to toe in protective armor, as well as being equipped with a number of tools and weapons at their disposal.

The Vanguard Edit

Foot Soldiers Edit

Foot soldiers in the Vanguard wear pocketed camouflage fatigues under protective vests, lined with pouches and attached protection for the groin and rear. They also wear fingerless gloves, forearm guards, knee guards, shin guards and visored helmets that only leaves the lower half of their faces exposed.

Heavy Soldiers Edit

Heavy soldiers, unlike standard foot soldiers, are equipped with armored exoskeletons in place of regular body armor, and are armed with heavy automatic weapons.

The Union Edit

Soldiers in the Union are covered head to toe in more protective and fiercer-looking armor. It is lined with pouches at the waist area and the armor overall gives the wearer a dehumanized and mechanical appearance. Most are armed with standard issue carbines with attached bayonets. However, some soldiers are armed with a rifle-like device that can hack enemy androids, and turn them to the Union's side.

There are two variants of the armor, one has a larger visor and is accented in yellow, whilst the other appears to be accented in red and has more pronounced groin protection.

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