T-102s, or "Striders", are a type of mech used by the Vanguard in gen:LOCK.

Design Edit

Striders form an integral part of the Vanguard's ground forces, each one providing heavy firepower and battlefield mobility under the control of a single pilot.

The same team responsible for designing the Striders built armor sets for the Holons, which prompted Rufus Weller to describe the design philosophy of the team to be "Utilitarian". The weapon systems of Striders are completely modular which allows for a variety of weapon configurations that include cannons of different calibers and missile launchers. Striders have a total of nine weapon attachment points, with one above the cockpit, three at each shoulder area and one at each leg. In addition, they carry an internally-mounted battery of missiles on each side of the cockpit with covers that automatically unlock before firing. The torso of Striders are capable of rotating 360 degrees and their legs have jet boosters to allow for short jumps.

A squad of up to five Strider can be carried and transported by Hornbill aerial transports, which can quickly drop or retrieve the Striders through ventral cargo doors. Hoist cables from the drop craft connect to a dorsal attachment point behind the cockpit of each Strider to facilitate transport and extraction.

Striders seem to struggle in direct engagements against Spider Tanks as their armor is resistant to the Strider's main guns. The missiles carried on the Strider, however, seem to be able to consistently destroy the Spider Tanks.

After the Battle of New York City, the helmets of Strider pilots were redesigned with the ability to be sealed as an additional NBCI precaution against Nanotech.

Notable Pilots Edit


  • Strider pilots are colloquially known as "Walkers".
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