Sycorax is a character that resides in volcanic area in the Ether. It was first mentioned in Gen:LOCK #1. However, Sycorax appears in the form of a wyvern and is flanked by two female bodyguards.

When Julian Chase and Cameron MacCloud were battling monsters in the Ether, one of the creatures told him that he was lost and that he needs to find Sycorax before it's too late.

In issue #5 of gen:LOCK, Sycorax makes its move by summoning Chase, Cammie, and Caliban to a volcano for a final test, and attacks the group.

In issue #6 of gen:LOCK, Chase, Cammie, and Caliban take the fight to Sycorax but they are defeated and Chase is left to fight alone. However, Sycorax did not come to defeat Chase, instead wanting to speak with him.

In issue #8 of gen:LOCK, the wyvern and bodyguards reveal that they were a trio of gen:LOCK compatible pilots before the main team, but kept pushing themselves until they became just data.


  • "Sycorax" is the name of an unseen character in William Shakespeare's play The Tempest. She is a vicious and powerful witch who is the mother of "Caliban", one of the few native inhabitants of the island on which "Prospero", the hero of the play, is stranded on.
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