We are of truth, of secrets long held down, of whispers not meant to be found. The trap is set. So’s our attack. Now all that's left is Sycorax.
- Sycorax, gen:LOCK #5
Sycorax was a rogue entity that resided in a volcanic area in the popular game in the Ether called Siege. It was the main antagonist of the first gen:LOCK comic series.

History Edit

Not much of Sycorax's past was revealed but it originated as three human females, who unknowingly passed Dr. Rufus Weller's test to be compatible with gen:LOCK, were asked if they want to save the world which they willingly accepted.

It was first mentioned in gen:LOCK issue #2, appearing in the form of a wyvern and flanked by two female bodyguards.

Sometime after they started to work with the ESU, the three pilots started to have side effects with the gen:LOCK technology which resulted in constantly severe nosebleeds. But despite the fact that Weller was telling them they can stop any time, they believe that he lied to them. After achieving stage two of gen:LOCK, they soon forget their real names as their minds slowly became one. Sometime after, their bodies disintegrated but their minds survived by escaping to the Ether and then Siege. The three later became the treacherous entity known as Sycorax.

When Julian Chase and Cameron MacCloud were battling monsters in the Ether, one of the creatures told him that he was lost and that he needs to find Sycorax before it's too late.

In issue #5, Sycorax makes its move by summoning Chase, Cammie, and Caliban to a volcano for a final test, before attacking the group.

In issue #6, Chase, Cammie, and Caliban take the fight to Sycorax but they are defeated and Chase is left to fight alone. However, Sycorax did not come to defeat Chase. It wanted to speak with him instead.

In issue #8, both the wyvern and the two women reveal that they were a trio of gen:LOCK compatible pilots before the main team, but kept pushing themselves until they were reduced to nothing more than data.

At the end of issue #9, and through issue #10, Sycorax, with Chase forcibly placed under its control, hijacks the Shogunate and attacks Osaka .

In the last two chapters of the gen:LOCK comics, General Genji Anno of the Japanese Polity and Commander Carlyle of the Union forces sent to Osaka were both addressed by Yasamin Madrani to work together in taking down the Shogunate and finishing off Sycorax for good while the gen:LOCK team clears the latter.

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  • "Sycorax" is the name of an unseen character in William Shakespeare's play The Tempest. She is a vicious and powerful witch and the mother of "Caliban", one of the few native inhabitants of the island on which "Prospero", the hero of the play, is stranded on.
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