The Anvil is one of the Vanguard's largest strongholds. It is under the command of Colonel Raquel Marin and is located in North America. The Anvil housed the gen:LOCK project after the Union extended their reach inland from the United States' Eastern coast, with Colonel Marin having an early interest in the technology's military potential.

Description Edit

The base is built into the side of a mountain with a long narrow valley leading up to it. As shown in "The Pilot", the base, while mostly operational, still had its large anvil-shaped command tower under construction in 2068 during the Union's invasion of New York City. Four years later the tower was complete. The anvil shaped tower can fold upward to reveal the Hammer System to provide artillery defense. In addition, the base contains a various turrets for defense, and underground horizontal-vertical elevator to transport ground units to strategic defensive positions. Vanguard military police operate within the base, with the detection and apprehension of spies being one of their duties.

The Vanguard uses the Anvil as a starting point to military operations, such as sorties and rescue missions. Aerial vehicles are integral for traveling to the locations of missions conducted from the Anvil, with Hornbills allowing the transportation of personnel and Striders, Razors allowing close air support and transportation of personnel and Interceptors allowing bombing runs. The Vanguard also makes use of aerial scout drones for reconnaissance. Able, along with being Colonel Marin's personal assistant, acts as the Anvil's flight dispatcher and is responsible for making base announcements.

The Anvil has approximately thirty floors including the command tower. Its various locations include:

  • Multiple hangars that accommodate ground vehicles and interceptors.
  • Multiple landing pads that accommodate Hornbills and Razors.
  • Barracks with a large mess hall on the same floor.
  • Multiple observation decks.
  • A briefing room, with the hallway outside having a memorial wall commemorating deceased members of the Vanguard.
  • A research lab that is used as a base for the Experimental Science Unit and the gen:LOCK team until they flee.
  • An operation room in the command tower, with Colonel Marin's office on the same floor.
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