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The Polity is not a place. The Polity is an idea. It is a dream of free citizens uniting and adapting to answer the threat to the greater good.

The Polity is the political entity that the Vanguard serves. It is engaged in conflict with its main political rival, the Union, after a prolonged period of political tension. Four years after the war's start, the Polity suffered a massive loss of territory, being driven out of the entirety of the United States' eastern seaboard. The faction is expected to be pushed out of North America entirely within six months unless there is a major change in circumstances on the battlefield.


Little is known of the Polity's history outside of its relations to Vanguard, RTASA, and the Experimental Science Unit. Its society and culture appear to directly conflict with those of its former rival turned enemy, the Union. Whereas the Union appears to uphold a collectivist regime, the Polity does not appear to share these values to any clear capacity.

Though the Union has access to advanced technology capable of rivaling the Polity's, they have been described as incapable of innovation and thus pilfer from them.

Noticeable Members[]




  • Fatima Jha - Lead Scientist of RTASA, previously left to work in the gen:LOCK program.
  • Heng Li Wu - Lead Engineer of RTASA, one of the three scientists rescued from Union captivity.


The Vanguard[]



  • Genji Anno - Commander of the Polity forces in Japan.


  • Marc Holcroft - Principal investor in the ESU and RTASA, funds the gen:LOCK program.


  • The word "polity" is defined as "a form or process of civil government or constitution". It is often used to describe any general political entity.
  • The Polity's Headquarters in New York was located in the old United Nations Building prior to the war, but it is currently unclear just how the Polity is related to the UN.
    • Furthermore, the Polity's logo is very similar to that of the United Nation's symbol, signifying the two organization's connection to each other.