Much of the Union's history is unknown, bar the fact that it has been in a prolonged period of tension with its rival the Polity, over the course of which there were many skirmishes and small-scale incidents, but never outright war.


The Beginning of the WarEdit

The cold war between the Union and the Polity was finally broken when the Union attacked New York City during a summit at the old United Nations building. The Union was able to overpower the Vanguard and other defenders of the city and begin its conquest of North America.

Infiltration of the AnvilEdit


A map of the world 2072, with the Union in red

During the four years after the fall of New York City, the Union has spread across much of North America. At some point, they became aware of the existence of Rufus Weller's gen:LOCK program, and sought to use it for their own devices. To this end, they captured Rob Sinclair, who was scheduled to join the program and replaced him with a spy who infiltrated the Anvil, the Vanguard's main base and attempted to upload into a Holon. However, as the Union was unaware that only a very select group of people could handle the process, the impostor was unable to link to a Mindframe and died.

Attack on DallasEdit

The Union later decided to cripple the Ether network by attacking one of its main distribution nodes which, despite it being hundreds of miles from Union territory, making it the biggest extension of reach outside of their territory since New York. While the Union's troops dealt with both the Vanguard and the gen:LOCK team, they sent in Nemesis for the first time to fight against Chase and the others to retrieve the Mindframe with their digitized minds still inside to create more gen:LOCK soldiers for their side. However, despite seriously damaging Cammie's Holon and nearly succeeding in capturing her Mindframe, Nemesis was pushed back by the older, more experienced recruits, allowing the Polity to force them out of Dallas and restore the Ether tower back to working order.

Defending AtlantaEdit

Attack on the AnvilEdit

Attack on ChicagoEdit

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