Listen up. This is it. The Union's making their play. This is not a skirmish, this is not airspace confusion, this is not a terrorist action. This is how the war begins...We did not seek this conflict, but we will rise to meet it. The Vanguard will do everything we can to protect those who have put their trust in us. Be strong and we will get through this. For the people.
The Vanguard is a group in gen:LOCK that serves as the Polity's primary military force. Following the Battle of New York City, the Vanguard has shifted to a mostly defense and rescue oriented strategy and began collaborating with the Experimental Science Unit and RTASA to further the gen:LOCK program in an attempt to win the war against the Union.


Commanding Officers Edit

Combatants Edit

Force Recon Edit

  • Specialist Rob Sinclair (formerly) - Ranger selected for candidacy in the gen:LOCK program. Kidnapped by the Union and identity assumed by an infiltrator. Currently hiding among Union forces disguised as a soldier.
  • Senior Sergeant Valentina Romanyszyn (retired) - A sniper that served in the Vanguard's Ukrainian regional Force Recon. Retired and later selected for the gen:LOCK program.

Air Force Edit

  • First Lieutenant Julian Chase (formerly) - Interceptor pilot stationed at the Anvil. Presumed dead after being shot down in the Battle of New York City, but is later revealed to have survived and serving the gen:LOCK program.
  • Captain Simone Rasmussen † - Interceptor pilot stationed at the Anvil. Killed during the Battle of New York City.

Armor Division Edit

  • Lieutenant Leon August - Strider pilot stationed at the Anvil. Was considered for the gen:LOCK program, but was ineligible due to the risks his age poses when utilizing the technology. Appointed as a drill instructor for the recruits in the gen:LOCK team. Entered a coma after using a Holon to aid the gen:LOCK team against Nemesis.
  • Lieutenant Miranda Worth - Strider pilot stationed at the Anvil. Appointed as a drill instructor for the recruits in the gen:LOCK team.
  • Jodie Brennan - Strider pilot stationed at the Anvil. Appointed as a drill instructor for the recruits in the gen:LOCK team.
  • Sergeant Kazu Iida (formerly) - Mobile armor gunner in the Vanguard's Japanese regional Armor Division. Was demoted to cook for multiple counts of insubordination before induction into the gen:LOCK program.

Non-Combatants Edit

Engineering Edit

  • Miguel Garza - Chief engineer previously stationed at the Anvil and responsible for maintaining the ESU's Holons. Left the Anvil to accompany the gen:LOCK team and act as a liaison for the Vanguard.

Android Assistants Edit

  • Able - Colonel Marin's assistant in the Anvil. Serves as the base's announcer, flight dispatcher, and messenger.


Aircraft Edit

  • Hornbill - Heavy assault transport normally used to ferry vehicles.
  • Razor - Nimble close-support gunship-transport.
  • Interceptor - Air superiority fighter.

Ground-Based Edit

  • Strider - Bipedal, armored, heavy fire-support mech.
  • Unnamed tank
  • Armored FAV - Fast attack vehicle with a top-mounted remote-controlled machine gun turret.



  • Unnamed scout drone


  • 'Grunt' Heavy Infantry android

Specialized Weapons Edit

  • ESD - Unguided electrostatic discharge bomb
  • Hammer System - Intercontinental direct-fire artillery emplacement. One is built into the Anvil's command tower.

Installations Edit

  • The Anvil - A large base located in North America.
  • Mesa Detainment Center - Military prison, situated somewhere in the American Southwest. Yasamin Madrani was imprisoned here for ties to the Union before being brought into the gen:LOCK program.
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