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The Vanguard will do everything we can to protect those who have put their trust in us. Be strong and we will get through this. For the people.
- Colonel Raquel Marin responding to the Union's assault on New York CityThe Pilot

The Vanguard is a group in gen:LOCK that serves as the Polity's primary military force. Following the Battle of New York City, the Vanguard has shifted to a mostly defense and rescue oriented strategy and began collaborating with the Experimental Science Unit and RTASA to further the gen:LOCK program in an attempt to win the war against the Union.


Commanding Officers[]


Force Recon[]

  • Specialist Rob Sinclair (formerly) - Ranger selected for candidacy in the gen:LOCK program. Kidnapped by the Union and identity assumed by an infiltrator. Currently hiding among Union forces disguised as a soldier.
  • Senior Sergeant Valentina Romanyszyn (retired) - A sniper that served in the Vanguard's Ukrainian regional Force Recon. Retired and later selected for the gen:LOCK program.

Air Force[]

  • First Lieutenant Julian Chase (formerly) - Interceptor pilot stationed at the Anvil. Presumed dead after being shot down in the Battle of New York City, but is later revealed to have survived and serving the gen:LOCK program.
  • Captain Simone Rasmussen † - Interceptor pilot stationed at the Anvil. Killed during the Battle of New York City.

Armor Division[]

  • Lieutenant Leon August - Strider pilot stationed at the Anvil. Was considered for the gen:LOCK program, but was ineligible due to the risks his age poses when utilizing the technology. Appointed as a drill instructor for the recruits in the gen:LOCK team. Entered a coma after using a Holon to aid the gen:LOCK team against Nemesis.
  • Lieutenant Miranda Worth - Strider pilot stationed at the Anvil. Appointed as a drill instructor for the recruits in the gen:LOCK team.
  • Jodie Brennan - Strider pilot stationed at the Anvil. Appointed as a drill instructor for the recruits in the gen:LOCK team.
  • Sergeant Kazu Iida (formerly) - Mobile armor gunner in the Vanguard's Japanese regional Armor Division. Was demoted to cook for multiple counts of insubordination by General Genji Anno before induction into the gen:LOCK program.



  • Miguel Garza - Chief engineer previously stationed at the Anvil and responsible for maintaining the ESU's Holons. Left the Anvil to accompany the gen:LOCK team and act as a liaison for the Vanguard.

Android Assistants[]

  • Able - Colonel Marin's assistant in the Anvil. Serves as the base's announcer, flight dispatcher, and messenger.



  • Hornbill - Heavy assault transport normally used to ferry vehicles.
  • Razor - Nimble close-support gunship-transport.
  • Interceptor - Air superiority fighter.


  • Strider - Bipedal, armored, heavy fire-support mech.
  • Unnamed tank
  • Armored FAV - Fast attack vehicle with a top-mounted remote-controlled machine gun turret.



  • Unnamed scout drone


  • Grunt - Heavy infantry android

Specialized Weapons[]

  • ESD - Unguided electrostatic discharge bomb.
  • Hammer System - Intercontinental direct-fire artillery emplacement.


  • The Anvil - A large base located somewhere in North America.
  • Mesa Detainment Center - Military prison, situated in San Diego, California (located within Polity territory).