Earth, 2072. Chase tries reconnecting with Miranda and the Vanguard. Doc’s new recruits arrive with more than a few questions and one perilous secret.

"There's Always Tomorrow" is the second episode of gen:LOCK. It premiered for Rooster Teeth FIRST members on January 26th, 2019, the same day as both the first episode "The Pilot" and the season finale of RWBY Volume 6.


Rufus Weller reveals that Julian Chase had not been killed in his crash four years prior, but had been saved and recruited into a secret program. He explains the current state of the program and that they will be training new recruits along with the Vanguard. After the briefing, Miguel Garza visits Chase in Weller's lab. Chase is in a tank and is missing his lower body and right arm. Chase later attempts to talk to Miranda Worth, but she is upset with him for not letting her know that he was alive sooner and walks off.

Later, Doctor Weller, Yasamin Madrani and Chase welcome the new recruits for the gen:LOCK program: Cameron MacCloud, Kazu Iida, Valentina Romanyszyn and Rob Sinclair. Weller briefs them and tells them to suit up for the next part of their training. Raquel Marin is then informed that a spy has breached the Anvil. Several soldiers confront the new recruits and call out the spy, who was impersonating Sinclair.

The spy fights his way past the soldiers, takes Weller hostage and demands to be given a Holon. Weller, aware of the repercussions of trying to upload without being compatible, allows him to despite Marin's protests. Caliban sets up the spy in a chamber, but he proves incompatible and dies.



  • Cammie replying to the phrase "Why are you here?" with "It's one of life's great mysteries, isn't it?" is a reference to a famous quote from Red vs. Blue, Rooster Teeth's first show.
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