Union Drones (unofficial) are unmanned aerial units used by the Union.

Design Edit

Union Drones are much smaller than the Polity's Interceptors. They often appear in swarms numerically superior to Interceptor squadrons, and even flying with Union Fighters. Despite its function as an aerial unit, the Union makes use of it's mobility and modularity to great effect, as its shown to fight alongside Union soldiers, inside the confined spaces of the Anvil, during the attack on the Vanguard facility.

Drones are equipped with machine cannons with red tracer munition and six missiles, and are shown to directly crash into enemy craft in an attempt to destroy them.

Trivia Edit

  • The Drone's missiles do not seem to be designed to engage high-performance aircraft, since the missiles directly pursue their targets, instead of calculating a more sensible interception course.
    • This may be a result of the ECM suites on Polity Interceptors, even though the Union seems to have had the edge in Electronic Warfare in general since the outbreak of the war.
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