Valentina was a Vanguard senior sergeant serving in the Force Recon unit in Ukraine. They originally served with the Russian Advanced Recon and Stealth Ops before falling in with the Ukrainian resistance due to 'societal pressures' from their homeland. They were involved in the fight against the Union long before the Battle of New York City, having been fighting one way or another their entire life. Eventually, they retired, having tired of war, and hoped to live a life of carefree bliss and enjoyment. However, sometime after the fall of New York City, they were identified as gen:LOCK compatible and recruited to the program by its director Rufus Weller, with Valentina agreeing under the assumption that it was a scientific endeavor.


Arrival at the AnvilEdit

Valentina arrives at the Anvil alongside Cameron MacCloud, Kazu Iida and Rob Sinclair, after having a brief discussion about the nature of fighting with the latter. Once they arrive, the group is greeted by Doctor Weller, his robotic assistant Caliban and the first two gen:LOCK recruits: Julian Chase and Yasamin Madrani. Valentina complains about Weller's brisk pace, asking for some time to "refresh", but he simply takes them inside to "suit up".

Later, the team put on their new gen:LOCK Suits and are taken to a mess hall to wait for Weller. However, military police personnel soon arrive to arrest Rob, who has been replaced with a Union Spy. The spy quickly dispatches the personnel with Nanotech and attempts to escape. Valentina tries to stop him by throwing knives, their throws enhanced by the suit they are wearing, but the spy escapes. Later, Valentina and the others make it to Weller's lab, just in time to see the spy unsuccessfully attempt to upload into a Holon, dying in the process.

Entry gen:LOCK Edit

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