"We Ain't Quite Done" is a song that plays when Julian Chase shows off his skill with his Holon in "Second Birthday". It is written and performed by nerdcore artist Richie Branson.

Lyrics Edit

Hunnid rounds headed my direction I ain't stressing
I turn that to my possession flip it around like it's reflection
All my adversaries waiting on my burial procession
Let 'em wait, I came from the grave, I've been resurrected
No escape, gotta push limit then I break
I embrace every challenge on my plate 'cause I'm on my way to being great
I don't hesitate, I accept my fate
Gotta state my case
Thinkin' they can chase
They can't match my pace
Hol' up

Gotta face my dream
Motivate my team
No wait and see
Elevate my speed
Gotta save my state by any means that's say la vie
That's on God
I won't stop till I reach the top or the heardbeat stops
Hit that gen:LOCK taken shots at all my ops tryna run my block not on my watch

Turn up
Turn up, turn up, turn up till we burn up

Trivia Edit

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