The Polity Edit

Experimental Science UnitEdit

After gaining asylum from the Polity and leaving a Polity detention center, Yasamin joined the Experimental Science Unit as part of the gen:LOCK program.

Rufus WellerEdit

Yaz shares a deep bond with Weller which is equally reciprocated, the doctor acting as a father figure to Yaz. He even gave her a nickname "little bird".

Julian ChaseEdit

Yaz and Chase have been with the gen:LOCK program for a long time, and she cares much for him and vice-versa. She is also savvy of his more inner turmoil particularly when she learns of Nemesis and vainly tries to help Chase through that.

Yaz was the one to finally convince Chase to mindshare with the rest of the team, telling him that keeping people at arms length wasn't living.

Cameron MacCloudEdit

Yaz initially takes to calling Cammie by her nickname at the start of their relationship, immediately taking charge and providing the younger woman guidance and leadership. Yaz often worries over Cammie in their downtime, asking about her trauma over facing Nemesis for the first time and providing her own fears as a way of connecting with her. Yaz often scolds Cammie for her precocious desire for alcohol and her foul language, and Yaz generally does what she can to support her friend much as she would a younger sister.

Kazu IidaEdit

While the two have little interaction aside from training, Yaz commands both Kazu's fear as well as his respect. Very little has been shown to intimidate Kazu, but Yaz has proven herself thoroughly capable of bringing him under control.

Valentina RomanyszynEdit

The two have a rocky start when Valentina learns of Yaz's Union affiliation, but as they fight alongside one another, it grows to a strong trust with some good-natured teasing.

The UnionEdit

Yasamin is a former member of the Union, and she served within it as a pilot. However, she became disillusioned with the group, especially after she unintentionally outed her own parents, and abandoned it with a determination to fight for the Polity, though she is still sensitive about the topic.

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